Did you know that there are whales in the financial market? There are different species, and they can really hurt you if you don’t watch for them. The whales I am talking about are institutions or individuals with very large holdings in a particular stock or asset. There are Bitcoin Whales, Gold Whales and Silver Whales to name a few. This is how it works (Plain and Simple). These whales can manipulate a particular market with their large holdings and sell off enough to trigger a bigger sell off in the market. Usually, the smaller investor/ retailers are the victims of this move (mostly ordinary people like us-we react as we don’t want to lose what we earn) because they participate in the selling. Once the selloff bottoms out or stabilizes, the whales buy back in. Pretty cool right? For them…I think this cruise ship video explains this all too well, as it passes through the canal, it sucks everything out with it and after it is gone, a tidal wave returns suddenly.
Recently a Gold Whale emerged with a 40K COMEX (Commodities Exchange) contract purchase. That is 4 million ounces of gold valued around $1800 per ounce. Yep, that is $7.2 Billion Read article: https://www.silverdoctors.com/headlines/world-news/a-gold-whale-surfaces/

Watch the cruise ship video: https://youtu.be/sU8QhDDVlr4



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