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How amazing is it that Money Plain & Simple has become so popular and presents opportunities to speak with thousands of people around the globe about the book? Here is a list of interviews and reviews so far, and there are many more to come. Pick one and give a listen or pick them all! Let the interviewer or reviewer know you were at their site by giving a like and leaving a comment!

This interview just released with Justin Moy, Managing Partner of Perpetual Wealth Capital and host of Building Passive Income & Wealth (Through Real Estate) podcast. Justin and I had a great discussion about the book Money, Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know and how it relates to the everyday person and investors alike. 

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Check Justin out at http://www.perpetualwealthcapital.com

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The After 5ive crew brought Mason Stetler of Vaulted.com and me to answer questions about all things Gold & Silver and other precious metals. We offer some strategies on how to get your cash into real wealth. The how’s, where’s and why’s are covered here. And if not, Vaulted.com also offers a one-on-one advisor service backed with decades of experience!

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Don’t have the book yet? Get your copy here: http://www.moneyplainandsimple.com

I was invited back to have a great discussion about the economy with Ali, Faybo and Dru. These guys ask the questions of what is on us ordinary folk’s minds and we talk about what and why we are where we are and what we can do about it. It is always an honor to hang out with them! Check out their channel and show them some love by liking and subscribing to their channel!


It was an honor to be interviewed live by The Business Diva, Melanie Collette of 98.7 TheCoast in Wildwood, NJ! We talked all things money, economy and current events as it affects the ordinary person. Click on the photo to hear the show. I recommend listening to Wes Azzaidani as he has some great knowledge to share, but to get to my half, fast forward to around the 52-minute mark. Please feel free to share this show! (Aired April 21, 2022)

You can find Melanie on social media:

InstaGram: @melanietcollette

Twitter: @MoneyTalkMel 

FaceBook:  @MoneyTalkwithMelanieon987TheCoast 

LinkedIn: Melanie Collette

A revealing interview with Chris Seveney of Good Deeds Note Investing. Most of us consider money to be as important as time. But we spend most of our time and energy earning money. In this episode, Steven Spence talks about how the monetary system works, not just in the US but worldwide. He shares what’s going on right now with cryptocurrency and how we can attain financial security. Most of the information he shares is also written in his Money Plain and Simple book. Listen to this episode to gain valuable insights into the hard realities we encounter today. (Aired April 13th, 2022)

An interview by David Liu of Authority Magazine! We briefly discuss The Future of Money and Banking. I am humbled by this experience. (Released April 7th, 2022)

You can check out more from Authority Magazine!

Twitter: @authoritymagazine

Facebook: @authoritymagazine

Linkedin: @ Authority-Magazine

Author of the Week! Steven J Spence makes a welcome return to The Midweek Drive and discusses the ongoing global financial challenges with Alex Lewczuk and as featured in his book Money: Plain and Simple -What the Institutions and the Elite don`t want you to know- which has recently been released in Spanish. (Released April 1st, 2022)

Conner Garrett of Lucid House Publishing provides a review of “Money Plain and Simple”. From the You Tube description: “This is our finance book recommendation for 2022, especially given that we’re seeing the subjects its covers play out in real-time. With shocking brevity and precision, Steven J. Spence covers a massive amount of ground, making this one of the best finance books for 2022 and a must-read money management book. (Released March 25th, 2022)

The very first interview about the book! Alex Lewczuk hosted the session on Siren Radio. From Lincoln, UK (Aired September 17th, 2021)

This is a book review by Julio Carlos of Julio Carlos Talks (A Lot). It is a very fun review to listen to. Take a few moments to check it out! (Aired September 29th, 2021)

Anna J Walner of “The Author Library Network” in a lively interview! (Aired October 13th, 2021) 

The Douglas Coleman Show interview. Douglas and I discuss the future of the global economy. (Aired October 29th, 2021) 

I had the honor to be the first guest on the “After 5ive Da” Podcast hosted by Ali and Faybo! We had so much fun talking about topics related to my book ‘Money Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know” and the current state of our economy as it relates to us ordinary people. (Aired January 5th, 2022) 

My first TikTok Book Review! This is very humbling to hear what Mr. Avina says about Money Plain and Simple. (Aired February 25th, 2022) 

@authoranthonyavina My latest review is of the #nonfiction book Money Plain & Simple by Steven J Spence. #booktok #bookworm #bookrecommendations #financebooks ♬ Misery Business - Paramore
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