The Biden Administration is reportedly drafting an Executive Order to address cryptocurrencies scheduled to be signed as early as February 2022. I have been writing about the pros and cons of this technology in my book: ‘Money Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know’ and in recent blog posts. I also highlight the viewpoint of what the elite are trying to accomplish through the global economy and the governments they control. Is it feudalism through serfdom?

Cryptocurrency is beginning to threaten their fiat currency system and now will use the power of government to start with systematically tearing the crypto down. I assure you that it will be subtle at first. In fact, it has already started with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) with reporting gains on tax returns. Watch for things like; ‘it is for the good of the investor’, ‘we’re trying to protect against scammers’, or ‘we have a better system’. Don’t be fooled, they have a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) ready to go, and they are waiting for the right time to release it to us. For the USA, I called it the ‘Fed Coin’, but more than likely it will be closer to ‘digital dollar’ so that it doesn’t scare too many people.

Decentralization of the currency system is a threat to the institutions and elite centralized world. I think you can expect more restrictions to come in the future as cryptocurrencies gain more market share.

If you are in or thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies, do your due diligence and acknowledge who is yielding power over us. It would be foolish not to factor in that governments will ‘move the goal posts’ to remain in power. Usually, that will not benefit the ordinary person. May I refer you to the gold confiscation that occurred in 1933 as one example.

White House is set to put itself at center of US crypto policy

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