December’s CPI (Consumer Price Index) was released this week and to no surprise it was higher than November’s by 0.2%. The ‘official’ number is 7% year over year and is now at a 40 year high. Some experts will argue that the ‘real’ number is much higher.

In “Money Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite’s Don’t Want You to Know” I explain what inflation is, and how it can be foreseen. Plain and Simply, it is inflating the money supply. Did you know that the US money supply over the past 18 months has been increased by 40% over all previous years? Now, compound the lack of goods and services to the scene as there are numerous supply and labor disruptions. This will also add to the inflated prices of most items we need. It is merely a supply and demand situation. Who would have ever thought the purchase of an everyday car was an investment? Most car values are increasing now!

Things to think about that can be expected in the upcoming near future regarding your money is explained in the book. The system is manipulated and soon a response or a call to action from the people will be demanded. What will they likely do? You can learn their playbook and stay ahead of them by knowing their next move and what their actions will more than likely cause.
Here is a little nugget to chew on if you are in the USA. As property values rise (some as high as 20%) it feels good to have that equity. But guess what else will rise? You guessed it, property taxes. It seems like the tax person always gets paid. Oh, and renters, don’t think you escaped these increases…more than likely, rents will go up with the property tax increases. How high?
This is about preparing and not scaring.

CPI Inflation Hits 40-Year High, But Even That Number May Be Too Low

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