Did anyone catch this? I cannot make this up! One would think that I paid a congress woman to go to a $35,000 per plate dinner event at the Met Gala event a few days ago to promote my book by wearing a “Tax the Rich” on her dress in big red letters!

This is an excerpt from my book: Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know: “In the U.S., if you ever hear a politician say, “We’re gonna make the rich pay for this.” as a campaign promise, beware. This is a trap, and I cannot say with certainty if it is from a place of ignorance or deceptiveness of the politician in question, but just know that the wealthy have already figured out a way to not get taxed at all.”

The truth is that there is a $3.5 Trillion bill that needs to be paid for. The citizens want it but it needs to be paid for. If they get us to agree to this as long as the ‘rich’ are paying, they will likely get the support they need to pass. They are selling us this line again! Buyer beware, this is another wealth transfer trick that I can almost say with certainty that you and I will end up paying for, not the rich!

It is critical that we ordinary people know that we are operating in a financial system built for the elite. By allowing them to continue going ‘unchecked’ will lead us to a path of financial destruction.

Read article here: https://nypost.com/2021/09/13/aoc-wears-tax-the-rich-dress-to-met-gala/?utm_source=url_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons

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