When you look around the country, are you feeling that something ‘ain’t quite right’? People are on unemployment, yet help is needed everywhere. Small businesses are competing with the government for wage discovery and the government is winning. People are paid not to work, yet the stock markets are at all-time highs. Maybe you see thousands of trucks parked at the Kentucky Motor Speedway as they await a semiconductor chip to be manufactured. And they keep pushing them out the door! The global economy is screaming at all of us to take notice. But it seems very few are as we are distracted and not listening.
When you read my book ‘Money Plain and Simple: What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know’ I explain how fragile and fraudulent the money system we live in is. Those that are in the know, or has read the book realize, we are very close to the edge of a fiscal cliff that will more than likely touch every person on the globe in some sort of fashion when it goes. All it takes is the first domino to fall.
What could that be you may ask? Well, right now, all should keep an eye on the Evergrande debacle unfolding in China. And yes, that has the potential to be a global event! This week, one of the people I recommend learning from (George Gammon who is recognized in chapter 16) did a deep dive on the situation and how it can affect you and me. Take a listen and see for yourself.
We can survive and thrive with knowledge!

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/llRVaq1lexk