This is a good question that brings continued challenges that lead to victories in my life. What do I mean? Well, let me tell you a quick story…

As a property investor, I seek out what others think of things and this particular one comes to mind to share with you. I met a man in Dallas; he was from Central America, he said he is a Latino. So, I queried him what he would do if he could financially do something in the property investment business. His answer was really eye opening.

He said that he wanted to provide good, clean and reliable housing for illegal immigrants. Now, this discussion happened several years ago and has nothing to do with the issues going on in the USA right now. For me, as an American citizen, I thought ‘why would you want to do that? They chose to come to this country illegally’. But instead of opening my mouth, I allowed him to teach me what he sees. So, he continued that too many times and even in his own life, people would come to this country, illegally, and they would need to live somewhere. What happens a lot is that these immigrants could not rent or buy because of their status. Eventually they would find a landlord that will rent to them regardless, but this landlord would hold their status over their head and take advantage of them. For example: higher than market rents, run-down houses, infestations, etc… He continued that the houses they rented were in such bad shape, some unlivable by American standards, but the tenants would not complain as they feared the ‘deportation threat’ that the landlord held over them. Regardless of their immigration status, the bottom line is: people were taking advantage of other people in a horrible way. He wants to provide housing to them that is worthy of being simply human without worrying about threats of deportation.

I couldn’t believe how naïve I was to this and how this was allowed to go on, only to see that the tenants did not have a voice and that was exploited by the landlords (bad ones). Then I began to see this in employers (bad ones) that were in the same situation. Again, if you speak, you are deported (or so they were told).

What is the point of this story? Sometimes, we get wrapped up in our little bubbles and have no regards to others in the world as we don’t know or see them. It would be arrogant of me to share this message with only an English-speaking audience and not with the rest of the world. Spanish is the second largest spoken language after Chinese and exposing the financial system we all live in will have a great educational impact on people of these nations. My publisher, Echo Garrett of Lucid House Publishing and I understand this need and have worked tirelessly in making the message of my book available and affordable to not only the United States, but to all the Latino nations and Spain. So, we are excited to announce that we have translated “Money Plain and Simple” to “Dinero Simple y Sencillo”! That is right, the book has progressed to a Spanish version with the help of some very talented people! Many thanks to my friends Lucia Becerra and Manuela Rodriguez for making this a reality.

Dinero Simple y Sencillo; Lo Que las Instituciones y la Élite No Quieren que Sepas should be available within the next couple of weeks but a sample is prepared and ready for download at my website.

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