One-Two Punch?

By Steven J Spence

This is a quick follow up to last week’s post titled: “Is There More to The Invasion of Ukraine?”. I point out how the Russians are possibly carrying out a long plan to destroy the US dollar. A quick review of this post describes the strengthening of the Russian economy, with determined measures, and allowing the US to destroy themselves by over borrowing to spend more and more. This is the first punch.

The second punch, is from China. I didn’t think it this would happen so soon as China is not in a very good economical place right now. Or so it seems? I believe in the book “The Art of War”, it states: “Appear weak when you are strong and appear strong when you are weak”. Anyway, what is happening? The Saudi’s are in discussion with the Chinese to ditch the dollar for oil trade between the two countries.

Big deal, they will buy oil from the Saudis in Chinese Yuan, most will think. But you know what that does to the US dollar! You know that since the dollar was decoupled from gold, there had to be something to give the dollar value or the whole system would have crashed in the 1970s. That is when the Petro-Dollar was born. This is the only thing that has kept the US on top as the world reserve currency for over 50 years. Now little by little, the power house nations are attempting to topple this status the USA has enjoyed for so long.

What does this mean to you? Well, if you are holding dollars as your wealth, you may want to educate yourself on what it will mean if the dollar goes to nothing. The other possibility is nothing will happen and the world has become conditioned to using the US dollar no matter what happens to it. I don’t think that is likely as the world appears to be waking up to the banker’s scam.

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