Are You a Scout? Do You Need One?

By SJ Spence

I recall during my earlier years, watching Cowboy and Indian movies, and the emigration to settle the west of the USA with wagon trains that were made up of small communities of families and tradesman. History records the dangers for them of the river crossings, mountain passes and hostile Indians. To minimize these risks of the journey, scouts would run ahead of the wagon train to explore and plan the route for the settlers. The scouts would lessen the life-threatening dangers by rerouting the direction of the group when needed.

Without scouts, the settlement of the western United States would have been impossible during the 1800s and the history of the US would be a different story! Scouts were visionaries and ran ahead, into the future of the wagon trains and guided them from destruction. Are you a visionary or a scout for your own life? If not, does your family have someone running ahead and looking into the future? Do you need a scout?

My answer is yes, you do! And let me explain why. We live in a deceptive world and if you are not looking where you are going, or someone who has your best interests at heart, you will more than likely come upon an impassible river or mountain range or even a hostile group of folks who will have no issues about taking everything in your wagon. In my book, “Money, Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know” I purposefully used the title “Plain and Simple” to guide on how it was written. It is the way to understand how treacherous the financial terrain is ahead of all of us. But better than that, it is the way to also survive it!

It pains me to see so many ignoring the warning signs of things to come, all the while experiencing the most obvious right now which is INFLATION. Recently, I wrote about two additional factors that contribute to rising costs: Demand Push and Cost Push. Read here: Now we in the US, have more to watch out for in China. Did you know that Shanghai is under lockdown again? Have you seen the backup of the ships awaiting offshore for loading to move goods throughout the globe? This will surely contribute to the Cost Push part of the inflation equation. Check out this article: Shanghai lockdown supply chain issues are a ‘real nightmare’: Gordan Chang –

Friends, I may not be your scout, but I will tell you that although things seem okay right now, the ‘talking heads’ are predicting some really tough times ahead. As I always say, start with what is between your ears first through education, then decide your best path ahead! Make sure you are in the driver’s seat of your financial future!

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