After One Year… 

It has been just over one year since the release of “Money Plain and Simple; What the Institutions and the Elite Don’t Want You to Know”. I authored this book to expose the very thing that touches everyone’s lives and exposing how little most of us ordinary people do not know about it. What is it? That very thing is money. But, after reading the book, you will learn that the deception is not money, but currency. And then you will learn that currency is debt, and that the global monetary system is nothing but one big deception or a whole bunch of debt. The conundrum with deception is that by being deceived, how to you that you have been deceived?  

I want to thank everyone who has supported me by purchasing the book. My intent is to open your eyes of the deception that we all are living in. We did not have a choice about it. My aim is that the book is simple enough to teach you and even your children about the economy in a ‘crash course way’ and how a debt based economy controls us. I never intended to transform anyone into economists, but we all should know what our elected leaders are doing and what they do to us with their powers of debt creation. If we do not know and understand the basics of finance and the debt system they created for us to live in, then we surely deserve to return to being serfs in a feudal society. I do not want this for anyone in this world. We were created to be free beings.  

There has been such an overwhelming response to those who understood what I wrote about and they have a new mindset about the monetary system and the fragility of it all. Now they are taking action. One of the most popular changes they want to make is the preservation of wealth by purchasing precious metals. So, I want to help with this decision by providing a ‘Plain and Simple’ way of purchasing gold and silver. 

I have created a page dedicated to this at the book’s website, click on the Menu tab ‘Buying Metals’. Here is the shortcut: Is Buying Precious Metals for You? – ( On this page I list out some scenarios of whys, whats, hows and whos to mitigate any uncertainty or doubts you may have. 

I hope you will find this helpful for your new adventures of protecting your wealth! 

If you have not checked out my book, please go to and get your copy! 

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