Is Your Money Insured? 

Many Americans have had a sudden wakeup call this past weekend (March 11-12) to the fragility of the financial system after three bank failures occurring within one week. One of them was the 16th largest bank in the U.S. The reality of losing your money in an instant was on the minds of many people. Most people did not see this coming. The purpose of my book “Money Plain and Simple” is to expose the risky conditions of anything financial and understanding the risks that most of us blindly accept. In the case of this past weekend, it was the banks.  

Just to put you at ease, any depositors that have less than $250,000 in one account with a bank that has an FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) membership means that each account is insured up to this amount. Any amount over $250,000 is not. This is where the trouble began. 

What Happened?

In the case of the collapse of the three banks, the depositors initially were informed that they will only receive the insured amount of $250,000 but 90% of them held more than that in their accounts. After careful consideration, the government declared these banks as ‘too big to fail’ and decided to secure all deposits. Once again, the government saved the day!

This was a necessary move to contain the failure and restore confidence in the U.S. Banking System, in my opinion. People were already beginning the ‘bank run’ on their own banks and this had to averted. The bankers cannot allow the masses to understand the true meaning of fractional reserve banking.

You do know that the banks do not have everyone’s deposits in their vaults, right? And the FDIC cannot insure all deposits as they do not hold 100% of all deposits insured.

What Else Can You Do?

Perhaps investigate storing some of your wealth in precious metals. I help explain why gold and silver are real money and owning some of it protects your savings. If you study the elite, you will find that they have at least 10% of their wealth in gold and silver. When they explain their position, they will more than likely say it is for insurance not for investments. They understand that the financial system is fragile, and they know the difference between money and fiat currencies.  
Saving a portion of your wealth in gold and silver is the most liquid move to quickly get in and it will hold your wealth outside of the banking system. But buying bullion gold or silver can be stressful if you have never purchased it before. To make your life easy, I put together a crash course on my website to help you with the ‘whys’, the ‘whats’ and the ‘hows’. I also have included the ‘wheres’ that I have researched and use myself. 

For more information, go to: Is Buying Precious Metals Right for You? 


This story is not over. We were all given another chance to assess our finances and make the necessary adjustments to protect our wealth. This article reports the fragility of our banking system. See it here: Moody’s cuts outlook on U.S. banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment’

Taking control of you finances and diversifying your wealth will enable you to become your own bank. Find ways to protect yourself and your family in as many ways as possible. Oh, I almost forgot to mention…If you seek a depository route to hold your savings in gold and silver, not only is not beholden to a bank, but it is also insured against loss. Something worth looking into.

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